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Sarah Boulter - Adjudicator


Since paving her professional dance career, Sarah has become a well known Australian house-hold name due to her world class choreography. Described as “boundary breaking with a theatrical edge” her work has been showcased on numerous platforms across the world with a specialty in contemporary.


Sarah’s choreographic journey began on the global television hit “So You Think You Can Dance where she was engaged for the UK & Australian seasons. Her other on-screen credits include "Dance Academy, The Come Back", The Voice for Jennifer Hudson, Dance Boss, Puberty Blues and Dancing with the Stars’.


As well as her notable choreographic credits onscreen, Sarah has gained much acclaim for her work on large scale productions, her most notable being the Opening Ceremony of the Arab Games (David Atkins Enterprises).


Not only has Sarah Boulter cultivated a highly successful choreographic career but she has a multitude of notable performance credits to her name. Among them, working for legendary artist Celine Dion in the resident show “A New Day” created in collaboration with industry greats Mia Michaels and Franco Dragone. Other credits include a solo for her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II and her Royal variety performances and the West end musical “Notre dame de Paris”.


As well as performing and creating Sarah finds passion in teaching. Teaching all around the world and receiving much acclaim, Sarah is one of Australia’s most sought after creators and mentors and find’s great pleasure in sharing her knowledge to the up & coming generation of dancers.

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